Insight: American Crew’s #1 selling product is Fiber, wanting to expand that into a product line of its own, Fiber Cream was created for a multi-use, multi-hair type product to reach a new client.

Problem: American Crew was losing market share as a new client was forming predicated towards smooth, tube type products, thats are simple to use and apply well on many different hair types.

Solution: Take the popular Fiber product line and expand it by asking what you prefer, Firm, Flexible, or both. 

For the new innovation product Fiber Cream, American Crew gave Professionals and Consumers a new delivery system for hair styling. We wanted to show an informative and relatable campaign as this was aimed for the on-the-go professional.


Credits: Lauren Nukes, Brian Duck, Joe Daley: Producers, Shaun Conrad: Director/DP/Editor, Paul Kahler: DP, Justin Harrison: DP, David Raccuglia: Photographer