Objective: Drive brand awareness for American Crew and expand consumer base to an older consumer. Reinvigorate Harley-Davidson and capture a younger consumer.

Insight: The rebellious 25-35 year-olds who want to get out and experience the world, but can only take their essentials – their bike and their styling products to look good quickly and easily even if they’re not at home.

Problem:  Both brands were missing out on the lucrative 25-35 yer-old consumers. American Crew consumers skewed younger and Harley-Davidson consumers skewed older, causing the brands to lose relevance.

Solution: Develop a partnership between American Crew and Harley-Davidson, one of America’s most iconic brands, to reach a new consumer group.

Credits: Lauren Nukes, Brian Duck, Joe Daley: Producers, Shaun Conrad: Director/DP/Editor, Justin Harrison: DP, David Raccuglia: Photographer