Objective: Wahl is the global market leader in hair clippers and grooming tools. For its 100th year anniversary, Wahl wanted to launch a line of professional men’s grooming products. 

Insight: Industry professionals (barbers, hairstylists) craved a quality product line that would drive synergy between their hair cutting and their styling. For Wahl, this presented an opportunity to care for their customers. The industry professionals, while leveraging its distribution channels and expanding its presence to a new part of the barbershop, are able to appear at shelf and drive brand awareness.

Problem: Wahl needed to expand from grooming tools to a styling line; from creating the concept and developing the formulas to establishing the new brand’s look and feel with an education platform for its customers. 

Solution: Create a line of products that speak to a large crowd of men who style their hair after visiting a Wahl barber. Drive a 360 approach to men’s grooming: a man can walk into a barber shop, be serviced by a Wahl educated barber, have his hair cut and styled by Wahl, and go home with his own Wahl products.


Credits: Natalie Campbell: Producer, Gray Hamner: DP/Editor